网盘升级 是一个很奇怪的网盘服务,为什么这么说,因为它走了一条非主流的路线。

此次升级后, 对免费账户提供以下服务:

  • My files 里最多显示50 个文件(只保存 50 个文件)
  • 文件大小不超过 256MB
  • 不限制下载次数 有很多优点,比如没有广告、没有倒计时(等待时间)、支持 HTML5 上传、不限制下载速度等,而且界面也不错。

另外, 支持 Gravatar 头像,只要你注册的邮箱已使用 Gravatar 头像,在登录后会显示在右上角。


Dear Castler!
You are receiving this email because you have an account with us
This is a quick message to let you know that we have changed some
rules regarding your account and your files.
Basically, now as a registered member:
1. You can store up to 50 files in your ‘My files’ section
2. Your files can have a max size of up to 256MB
3. Unlimited downloads of your files
And of course, we still have no ads, no waiting times, no limits
on your download speed, and our beautiful interface.
Enjoy and go crazy!!! 🙂
With thanks,
Your Castle team
P.S. If you wanna talk us just reply to this email. Simples.
P.S.S. If you have a Gravatar linked to your email, that will
now show up once logged in.


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